Wittgenstein, Nazis and American power language

If 1930s-era Wittgenstein school was famous for the doctrine and the dogma of language games, 1940s–era Nazism was famous for using technology to turn it into an art form: to control how you think.

Can 2010-era Americans do better? Or is the power lust so great that they will be able to help themselves not from other than imposing how they think onto others – with a knife man’s CIA dagger in the back for those who might expose the truth of the Roswell cover-up of Nazi-era flying saucers? Will the constant surveillance state from 1930s be reborn now as flag-draped drones spying and hovering outside your privacy (not) shielding opaque bathroom window so as to monitor your bathroom singing from cradle to grade and to grave and thence to grace – in order to ascertain, evaluate and categorize that inner intent and so develop the FBI secret police profile – that infamous secret, Stasi-era, now all American “dossier” ?



One understands that Americans have an “illegal” immigrant issue set; and that American writers – like Nazi writers before them — probably fail to see how their very language game projects imperialism and contempt for those others who might have unNazi or unAmerican thinking.

But why do England’s immigrants need an amnesty? Is it wrong, in American eyes, to be an immigrant per se? Was the whole bring me your (not too) sick, your weary, your …to New York just a way of getting cheap labor, all along? Was it a way of stealing the intellectual property from other nations via a brain drain? Were folks entitled to receive from immigrants, legal or otherwise, the knowhow of their lords in Europe?

Is all American intellectual property truly American, or is it derived from theft?

It’s pretty clear that the language really is all American; as is the malicious side of the content. The property rights are less obviously well established.


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