Trulioo and UK IDAP


Wonderful. The company doesn’t even feature SSO itself…

Yet another company that wants to sell SSO “services” to others who rely on IDPs – but it itself will not rely. There is no “case” for it, evidently. If there is no case here, why elsewhere?

So apart from the mythical logon to government websites by contractor employees (which is just as easily solved with smartcards, client certs and urr, what the US calls CAC cards) what is the use of all this?

It seems everyone wants to be equifax – providing the “evidence” upon which YOU make trust judgements. Its just fascinating to see how little even then-industry-insiders today understand what VeriSign ADDED back then to its equifax data feed – and how this directly impacted its valuation as a “owner of **new**-generation of telco-class infrastructure”.

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