Americana and spying on citizens by proxy audit

Americana is what it is – and its right the one finds americana where else but in the american (internet) heartland. These days, its vital that the spying, surveillance, interception and stored data acess be terms applied to the Americana seen and now felt by Americans themselves – and not just those on the end of the big stick weilded by some us-backed dictator.

Note the terms of art: interception, distinct from surveillance, distinct from stored data.

The pop in facebook and google (and any other firm with a broadband isp license) is there to facilitate surveillance (not interception). Surveillance is scanning (for defined terms to be found in sans and lans). Interception is blanket capture, usually by tapping a cable or a relay switch operated by a carrier (vs a “service provider”).

Finally, note that surveillance does not need access to the sans and lans depositing your email bytes onto a remote disk drive say. It may more simply survey the (lan carrying the) audit logs generated by the process, that trace the steps. For within is the juicy stuff (being even more juicy than the message and its “public” metadata). One scans or samples the audit data… dummy! A cleared employee (authorized to lie to the ceo) operates the “capability”.


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