NSA worst enemy: Booz Allen and Dell!

I think NSA may be critically doomed unless they change their hiring practices; given booz allen and Dell may supply (evidently cleared) inhouse contracting folks whose countermeasures against eavesdropping (in Chinese Hong Kong!) are pillows under the door!




Now, in the defense of NSA from what (little) I know, Id like to say that that its JUST NOT FAIR to label all folks like this (employee OR contractor)… and this SHOULD not be taken as the average capability in the art of spying, or defending against spying! Rather, one should assume a dumb journalist – who cannot tell one end of a spying channel from the other, probably given the way the English editors treat the whole topic of institutional spying (given their knighthood is at stake).

Generically, when are typical Americans going to learn – generally – that a billion Chinese folks are intelligent and resourceful and rather focused on fulfilling their own and their still-tied-to-the-plough compatriots’ full human potential (chinese style) – and are not folks wearing 17 century pigtails and worrying about talking cats and hiding from feudal monkeys?


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