spying dam is breaking under the water pressure



Talking Points:

“no agency” vs ‘no contractor’. The contractor vs agency handoff is common trick. Even dirtier semantic trick is the use of vendors (who are not even personal service “contractors”)

“direct access” does not deny ‘indirect access’. A CALEA tap is defined as indirect. The CEO with IM and voice services have to know they have CALEA pops in their core network.

“servers” are not ‘databases’ (and SANs used within database server architectures are ‘communications’ techniques – not servers).  Again. you see Americans CEOs conspiring to subvert the English language (to hide thereby and not get hauled off to prison for breaking the policy – not to campaign against the program – as agreed with the FBI). Remember, their personal billion is at stake – which is a pretty solid bribe and personal threat.

“facilitate” rather than ‘provide’. facilitating means you host the FBI/NSA/GFE equipment and provide for connectivity . Again you see the attempt to mount a trust gap via language games that Wittgenstien would be proud of – which goes to the heart of the political lie. Remember in the US, typically folks study philosophy and politics together (which I always thought more natural and effective, than Euro style academic study of philosophy). You have an entire cadre of trained liers, that is.

“fast data transfer” – begs the question “how fast”. Its only $20 million in total (for NSA budget). Sop are Facebook investors paying for the bandwidth consumed by the FBI (and don’t they have a right to know)? Follow the money. Is it proper to make the prisoner pay for his own (improper) incarceration? Or is an (amorphous) human right violated, thereby?

FISA request only are the topic of controversy, apparently, Well that covers only 3 billion web users (i.e. everyone who is not American in or America). And, as the comedy joke goes, tossing a coin is what defines whether there is “confidence” you are not American (i.e. foreign) since a statistics audit would not be able to tell the difference between your actual process and coin tossing. Of course, cryptanalysis is all about finding loopholes in that stats argument!

So thanks Facebook. You just threw 3 billion people under the bus, when “facilitating” your fast access. Are none of exceptional (not being Americans)? Not even one?  Not even the brilliant concert pianist (who is not American)?

Can the world population trust Americans (when it comes to spying)? The answer seems perfectly clear, from the in your face subversion of the very English language. The affront is clear – subvert language; no trust.

Oh how the elite and the exceptional have fallen. All along, the exceptional grades in the exam were due to cheating! Or, as my mock American English dictionary entry defines cheating; winning by any means, including lying to yourself abut your innate excpetionalism.

Can we assume that the assumed broad  FISA ‘scope’ means that the fast access that Facebook “facilitate” (and possibly pay for) includes basically the majority of information about internet users, transferred to a government controlled “store ” – upon which the queries are made ? How is the copy being made AND WHO IS PAYING FOR THE BANDWIDTH? If the phone metadata scope is universal, why would not believe that the email and web tracking (thanks Tim! for nothing!) has similar scope?

So, is Google participating the “fast access” program to (indirectly) “make a copy” of the ‘communications’ data (that NSA then trawls when having “direct access:” to its what are then its own IBM and DELL server arrays)? Are folks going to hind behind technical inaccuracies concerning the verb “collect” (missing above)?

Now we know why I had in-person surveillance 3 weeks ago. Perhaps I should post the video (of the incompetent attempt). Talk about Keystone Cops – from the Reno (outsourced) brigade of military intel! But then, I was just a cover our asses (so we can show we spied, dutifully) target. But, it probably shows for how long folks were spying on the journalists (before they broke the story FORMALLY by asking for permission to publish!). Be interesting to know if it was the Hong Kongers or the Chinese who were asked to spy on the “hotel” interviews – another story to followup. Bet it was the latter.

Let’s look around today, for my tail. I’m somewhere were its MUCH harder to hide oneself. Lets see if its different to yesterday.


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