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Its occurred to me before now that the goal of the UK/US – assuming the whole NSA snooping “revelation” is an intended policy – is to persuade the world that its normal to do what the US does. And, it should be the new “public trust” norm.

Which explains why the Utah data center is SO LARGE – being intended to be a “service” center to be outsourced to the likes of countries like Jordan, so they too can demonstrate they meet the new international norms  – yet to be agreed – on a normal public trust founded on “state surveillance”. As that all sounds rather Orwellian, we will need to find new words (that are NOT double-speak, somehow).

To re-educate the American public – brought up on the very expensive to mount propaganda years of animal farm and 1984 – that the new norm is actually (i) what the US has been doing for years (in secret) and (ii) in their own interests SO LONG AS EVERYONE DOES IT, one uses the press to deliver the change in the one and only one property of the policy that is in need of change: the need for secrecy. Having outlived its usefulness, consider whether secrecy is now getting in the way of snooping on the scale America wants or all – so that it is NOT AT A DISADVANTAGE when it spies on folks (but others don’t).

Might surprise folks to learn that I don’t object to such a world – so long as spying is the new norm, that everyone is subject to and therefore DOES NOT CREATE innate tensions, I don’t actually have a fundamental objection. It’s actually very American (and that was meant, for once, as a compliment).

Now, speaking up for Britain, Id like to say that Britain’s record on outsourcing spying is BETTER THAN the the US version. Come to Britain for spying knowhow; we have centuries of practice. Catholics, Protestants, Irish, Ugandans, Tasmanians. You name it, we have spied on them. And lots of them didn’t make to to 70 – which is an additional service you can buy.

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