sending spam in order to “entangle” associates (who you really want to spy on…)


So lets say I have a friend in the Saudi government who owes me a favor (like saving me from Saddam). I have him arrange to send an email from a “terrorist-linked” email account, to lots of folks (who I really want to “collect” information about). perhaps its one of those spam emails I get.

Hmm, what are the safeguards against this?

Urr none. Isn’t this the game..? … to dodge the rules? while appearing otherwise be as saintly as Saint Peter?

Now that was a bad saint choice, being the thrice denier!

The problem is that any and all “American’ness” starts to look untrustworthy – from the tech, to the advice, to the PR, to .. .well anything. And that annoys me (since America has done lots for me, that is REALLY creditworthy on a human level).


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