cryptome vs me–a very British policy that contrasts with American arrogance

Cryptome’s argument is that you are a piece of *** unless you think, act and otherwise pontificate about appropriate acts and thinking that are essentially, well what he does. Anything else is perverted.

My policy is different. Nothing on this blog site is worth reading – and if you want it censored, let me know. I will censor it with a password at the slightest wiff of an objection – since it was worthless to start with. The objection can be.. you spent a minute of your life concerned enough to let me know. (This means it has more value to you … that to me!) Remember, my notes generally take less than 2m to write, or are little other than a report to self so I can repeat what I did. A note like this is in lieu of writing an email (which would surely annoy someone, in that form).

If you send me a note with a super secret attachment I will analyze it, and comment on it. I will post it on my public disk drive (mostly so I don’t forget where it MAY be). Since the number of folks who read my stuff is close tozero, the net impact of this analysis is likely to be low. So, if you want to analyze what Im analyzing, feel free (and send a wiff when you get even partially upset). You don’t need to act heavy… (listening yanks?)

Now, in the last 20 years the amount of stuff that anyone should be concerned about is zero. And, its likely to stay that way, to be honest. The only folks who should be concerned about this are the British authorities, who want a subservient ATTITUDE (not merely subservient acts). But then, its hard playing the role of a Hollywood poodle to NSA: yap on cue.


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