From NSA to Yahoo on https: thanks!

Presumably, Yahoo is in the bidding for some huge NSA contract (so is aiding and abetting, not that “it can comment on security matters”):-

Send Yahoo something confidential on the URL (under https encryption), and Yahoo will expose it for all to read:



Shame on you Yahoo. Anyone else notice the %25 in the cleartext, between the w and the 3d?? yahoo is double-url-encoding

Or as we say in England. Bravo! You can have  Queen’s medal (for doing the “right thing”).

Remember, parliaments in UK/Australia act at the command of the monarch – who has royal prerogative powers that Parliament is not allowed to question (remember you just a “subject”). This is why they are allowed to say … because the Queen so authorized me … I “cannot possibly comment on security matters”.

Of course, the Privy Council or The Australian rep of the Queen are supposed to be t”he oversight” in things that Parliament (or their committees) are not allowed to see – and they are NOT under any oath to retain “secrets”, unlike American “commoners”, note. But, they do get their heads chopped off if they incur the Queens displeasure (like “revealing” the counsel they give). In other words, its useless (but great for selling London tourist tickets). Its not a secret, but you cannot reveal it (which comes to the same thing).

Time for Australia to become a republic I think; and stop being a lacky.


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