compromised security means what? lack of poly volunteers and one of two score settlings!

Lets assume that everyone of a 1000 super secret NSA documents are made public – and they delay or defeat years of careful planning that was intended to have a multi-decade payback. What would this mean?

All it will really mean is that (a) there can be a better informed debate (which is all very nice..), but (ii) it also means that the invasive scrutiny that a million americans undergo to maintain what is now a valueless credential (the right to work in what will soon become a stasi-like association) will seem “not worth it”.

The biggest losers are those who have spied, snooped, and surveyed their fellow Americans for years, in order to make a living. And, they all know that that is what they were REALLY doing (even when pumped on the whole foreign enemies of the American Dream storyline).

Now there is the threat that everyone who participated will be identified – and vilified (for betraying the public trust by saying one thing, while doing another). There must be 50-million Americans running scared at this point of being outed – much like the Stasi informant networks were outed upon German reunification.They all know how the spiked technology for spying (or in one way or other duped the public to believe in privacy while giving then nought).

There are going to be a lot of scores to settle.


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