no. SSO is access to the GFE maintained OUTSIDE the control of the company, though by company (contract) employees who connect it to networks, done in a manner that the CEO does NOT know about. The SSO is the ability to have a snoop on the inside who does the NSA work under a clearance/category  that the CEO (or the CISO even, or the board audit committees) does NOT have (by design). The existence of the role of an employee (set) supervised by non-company supervisors is denied. They are general purpose IT administrators, as far as the company is concerned. In reality, that are (sworn legal) agents of NSA/FBI.

We had them at VeriSign, from 1996 onwards.THE original purview of a CISSP was to qualify folks for these roles (mostly in indoctrination terms vs. any particular technology skill). CISSP evolved later into a general purpose non-hacking credential (which became outdated after 2003, as hacking became a normalized professional skill.)

“Trusted US” companies engage in OTHER program-relationships with NSA/FBI – on the _warranted_ access side of the fence. But they are NOT “the SSO program”. “special source” means special source. He or she is special (in terms of legal agency powers).

WP could have easily checked this. Its an open secret.

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