crypto and kuhn reference

cryptome does well, listing Kuhn’s missive (on July 4th)


My commentary here concerns Kuhns lack of operational knowhow of the business of cryptanalysis (and then intel).


Remember states spying – until about 5 years ago – had a “production” process – and it was really not done in any manner much different to the methods used in 1945. IN fact, honor and tradition kept the faith in certain methods (whether valuable or not) – since getting FOLK to keep the secret is the hard bit. Lots of old-boy’ness is required (to construct and maintain the indoctrination); and in that the UK does rather well. Such somewhat antiquated methods have long included writing the intercept “at a slant!” (and several times, so the human eye while focusing on x region is also processing y and z regions for “reinforcement” of the averaging processes used by neuron recognition nets).


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