dear aunty nsa and uncle gchq

My computer is behaving differently. Have your spies or (contract) snoops or (your sworn agents in my employers’) IT administrators infiltrated it – and would thus thus account for why the screen behavior has changed?

It’s not hard to infiltrate my computer. It’s hard to do it in a manner that I cannot detect (being rather specialized at such matters).

Being omnipotent and since you can do whatever you like with impunity, could you arrange for a refund (on what is evidently an UNtrustworthy and thus crappy PC)?

I’d expect the *activation* of spying capabilities – or at least the ones that are supposed to remain a secret upon activation – not to AFFECT the user. This requirement should be satisfied even having ignored contentious politics – of such as having those spying-capabilities built into the very hardware of PCs.

By the way, thanks Intel (for a nice UK Cabinet Office briefing on how it all works, now available to all to see).

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