NSA dream–waterfall cryptanalysis.

As downtime to the process of studying the internals of WIF and WCF I have been watching videos on quantum mechanics,  general relativity and following the NSA saga. One story is worth sharing.

So there was a dream, the other night/morning. Yes a dream about NSA. Yes, like all dreams, there is within the storyline a tension, representing the tension between waking and not. And, the topics are those that have been part of the previous days activities But it’s a fun tension about those themes in which,  as I now recount, the brain dynamically invents a tension-storyline consistent with the themes..

So there I am being given a first day orientation in the buildings and campus of downtown NSA facility by non other than the director himself, in full dress uniform. I’m there with another, a middle aged woman from central America, being similarly oriented. In the dream, she is dressed like a hotel maid typically dresses and doesn’t seem too educated; not quite fitting in (to what you might expect of an NSA employee) but non the less seems to be properly representing herself as a language-capable person.. I don’t recall my dress style, but I do recall we know we are “accepted” because as we walk around the campus, we hear all the secrets being discussed openly by the other staff doing their thing (as they walk around the mixed indoor/outdoor (and walled-in) campus). The whole thing looks like a scene from Jurassic park, in a balmy (Florida everglades) climate.

Yes, it’s obviously a dream; but one (falsely) representing a non-compartmentalized world with now a free low of scientific information (once you are vetted, and: “in”). But the point was that one is trusted, after some vetting point, and the trust is to be mutual – as demonstrated by the very choice of orientation walk which spills all the main secrets. In particular we get to see the giant crypto machine, which turns out to be, on a giant outdoor theme park scale,  a huge multi-stage waterfall cascade in which the energy released by the water hitting the rock at the bottom of each stage … releases magical cryptanalytical energy. Wow!

In the next scene, we are in a corridor being confronted by the director. Or rather she is being confronted as being a non-trustworthy individual (on the basis of falsely representing education etc). There are implied accusations of being, thus, a subversive and spy (for some central american dictatorship.)  But as she is brought down, he keeps looking at me – who in the dream is the actual (non disclosed) spy – or at least the person who really is not there doing what he said he is doing.  (Quite what that is that I’m doing or not doing, and what is inappropriate, is not actually really identified!) And here one has classical dream dynamic, as I think he thinks that I think he is falsely staging the scene – about her – in order to ferret out me!, But in double spy-on-spy think, it could be that I’m over-thinking, I say to myself (since I have a guilty conscience), and in reality he is showing true trust – by exposing the process of outing a spy (her). So I don’t in the dream let on, keep cool, shut up and assume that I should not allow my outer reaction to enable me to be sussed out-  by his (possible) ruse – which does seem a little on the unlikely side.

The dream ends with a scene where the director has gone away and Im going away, he being replaced by military intelligence police surrounding this woman, confronting her with some now-verified contra-indicating fact …using a portable computer. And here is the wonderful dream ending: the clunky 1970s portable is necessarily set up on the floor of the corridor, being heavy, and has a small orange CRT character-only screen – the like of which you hardly see today!

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