defeating a d-notice: Greenwald, Guardian and Germany

lets assume that your work for a guardian editor who “knows” how the British establishment thinks, operates, and postures. He also knows the form of arguments that will followup – that essentially invoke privilege and diminish ANY argument. So, how do you report on that which you cannot report on, not endanger national security, but none the less keep making (up) stories about national security based on lots of leaked documents?

Well, you MAKE the story – which you then write about. In particular, you have your ‘partner’ (another one, distinct from the RioJaneiran girl you were previously associated with, so as not to upset the rather anti-gay latino culture) go off an collect document from someone in Berlin and then DELIBERATELY wander back to Brazil through UK airports, knowing full well he will be stopped, searched, stripped, and generally humiliated by a bunch of UK super-macho type just back from a “US-process” training at Pinochet’s alma-Mata : the School of the Americas, in Florida. And, of course, of the many documents you have on encrypted drives, “just one” set happens to have associated with it a piece of paper on which is written the “password” – which just happens to be available to those who do “physical security” searches (vs eavesdropping). And that set, just happens to be the UK-related set of papers, of the many purloined from NSA.

One sees Greenwald’s lawyer training in effect, inducing new releases of information (not based on the leaks) that talks about the leaked material. The story is then about the ever-evolving process of attempting to control the leak, attempt to derail the “embarrassment” being caused (vs the national security damage that is specifically NOT being done). The goal is to make the other sides attorney make a procedural mistake, rather than “try the case”!

So far, between them, Greenwald and Guardian seem to be playing the UK establishment response for hook line and sinker; knowing its brutish approach is actually the weak link in the UK/US collaboration. Every time the UK asserts its independence, it causes a ripple in the US side, where such awfully-British bruteishness in the very approach is unamerican (in America) – which makes for another story. Of course, this just makes the UK act more British, since it cannot be seen to be what is the most embarrassing thing of all: that which it is:- an NSA poodle.

Now we have an endless pool of stories ABOUT the leaks.


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