japan caves–all is lost on the business of spying



So the country with the finest engineering talent on the planet cannot build itself software and hardware for cybersecurity?

So the G2 economy of the planet is unable to respond (needing the G1)?

So what does that mean for G11 (UK)? …now way down the list of those unable to respond, having insufficient talent or capital?

So lets take this for what it is – a Japan-style mis-direction-class lie that its about to open up its fiber-optic cables to NSA (and get accounts on NSA’s spying computers, in return).

Let’s remember that “cloud” for NSA (i.e. USA Inc. ) means big business – outsourcing its own cloud and Utah data center now to its (nation-state) tenants (e.g. Japan). The only reason the US invested 60B there was because it’s a “national” business – once its rigs the rules so “demand is created”.

Japanese nationalists should be appalled, that they cannot do this all by themselves (and at a fraction of the cost). Japan should be competing with the USA, and offering outsourced spying to others, not being a UK-style lackey.


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