Russian acquiescence to USA spying (business)

Let’s assume for argument that the Snowden affair is really a ruse – a means (through Journalism and associated mass-communication arts) to introduce the planet’s population to the new Internet – the one with surveillance built in. Having built a 60B data center to sell mutual assurance based on systemic spying services to nation states (so all, but “the exceptionals” of course, who are innately special) have equal access to everyone else’s dirty laundry (creating a zero sum game),  the only parties yet to be convinced are the public. And that’s what the Snowden job is all about, let’s say (as a truly loyal American, able to play a smiley-esqe role). It’s also about getting rid of 1950s-70s-era NSA thinking, so institutionalized within the last of the (post 1990s) “older” workforce (and all those – related to NSA for the past 50+ years, who had to live and believe in what is a now-out of date set of “security” principles based on secrecy and “special social status” for those “worthy” of holding nonsense secrets, like 1 + 1 = 0).

So who would be complicit (in creating the narrative)?

Well, Hong Kong and Russia (to start with). Both of these sound plausible candidates for connivance (since each represent a half-billion to a billion people). And each have a vested interest in having their own “local” apparatus of public control, unAmerican in (mere) style but – at the same time – founded in the same motives as the American motives: mutual assurance. It’s a dirty laundry game, which is fundamentally human.

This would have required UK/French and Jewish participation, upfront – as long terms allies of the US in spying mechanisms and policy setting. It would also have required lots of prior setup in Germany (to dismantle the self-doubting privacy regimes, all a (long) legacy of WWII). Which would all account for a lot, also, in the Snowden affair. The English get to posture (highly publicly, of course, pumping up the whole “England as the last resort of democracy and press freedom” storyline, for global effect in inducing trustworthiness)), and the Jewish folk in the middle East get to continue as normal (be the next American state, in waiting).


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