2nd attack on cable modem–NSA paranoia grips the nation

since my (sympathizer) network included someone else, the other week, she had her modem attacked too. The cable company took great pains to then cover up what was a bad firmware re-imaging – that hosed the (old) design. The main technique used was to control the support protocols staff used (ignorant of the original cause), inducing costs.

Be fun to know if those costs can be transferred back to FBI – collateral costs of keeping the secrecy.

Now why, might you ask, does one need to tap at the modem (rather than at the other end of the pipe it creates with the cable company – which then connects to the internet router via an ATM loop)? That tells you something – that its NOT FBI. Folks want the internal network too, particularly since its so easy to use wifi to hop over the fence to the neighbors access point(s), including to any kindle acting as a non-networked but local wifi-based file sharer!

From the modem, now ethernet frames using the control signalling channel can arm the PC/chip hardware in the wifi router, to subvert the (apparent) security of its routing and switching function.

Or the equipment just died a flash-death – in a house where several other cheapo router devices have had the same fate. Or… perhaps they were ALL attacked over years and years….


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