typical individual complicity –untrustworthiness of American tourists



One of the commonest visa frauds committed by Americans is deviating from the tourism purpose of a tourist visa. That starts with having the capacity to deviate – where capacity includes the intent (using local materials, perhaps) to not be a tourist. Lying. Untrustworthy. American Exceptionalism.

One of the commonest disreputable actions of the typical american is NOT to now use the technical information given above, assuming that you (yes you american) are bugged or buggable. What is disreputable is to be the duped tourist – used by others to deliver spying implants. Now you know, you are the vector of contamination, you are obligated personally to protected the human rights of others – to intercede – the moment you claim to be a tourist.

Go prove to yourself that your home wifi router is not compromised. This means go determine that IT is not spying on your PC. The same goes for the cable tv box (and its large coaxial cable). Go figure if that cable is being “repurposed” to spy on the magnetic emissions of other devices. Go realize how one (common) device is used to spy on another. Go figure how the compromise of different devices leads to inroads on the next, perhaps more “personal” invasion of privacy. Yes realize, that the US government has the largest stores of porn video in the world – i.e. every one you ever watched, with particular note of the scenes you replayed..

Go prove to you self that the switch inside your switching panel of your home router have not been reconfigured to duplicate frames (with errors) that just happen to produce a differential signaling, amenable to the capture by the cable companies modem.

In short, go assume you are being snooped upon. Go find the snoops mechanism. and Public your suspicions, your evidence, and your wrong turns.

Don’t worry if your wrong. A million eyes on the spying techniques will soon change policy. The last thing the spying industry wants is to “lost its investement”  – and the biggest investment of all is the a personal belief that  “me” and “my equipment” are each trustworthy – and thus IM not on the target list. My eletronics doesn’t have the implant. My vendors didn’t conspire to make the equipment “implant ready”

Let me assure you. Your equipment (and this means ANY network device, starting with your phone, your water faucets (yes!, they are connected to a giant antenna) and your “smart meter” for electricity gas) all need to be assumed to be spying points. Untrustworthiness means: “they would if they could”. And they sure can.

Remember you are Americans: proud, independent, incredibly giving; and exceptionally untrustworthy. You know what part YOU played (in snooping on foreigners). Now assume, you are the target. Because you are. If nothing else, your equipment is the vector to spy on next door.

So for electronics, the term  “made in the USA” means “made for spying”. See the flag, think “snoop!”

Now go give that american tourist flaunting a flag a (quick) stare. Yes, just long enough make him know you know what he is up to. Because, in all likelihood, he is. If he takes his dollars home; say Good! (since it the departure lessens the bill to cleanup after his presumed spying activities).


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