is snowden and nsa/cia the end of Hilary?

Now we know (what I always knew) that US embassies hold listening stations and engage in unlawful radiation emission in countries (without a license), we can ask: what did Hilary know (as secretary of state) about her embassies, her staff, their safety, and their activities (including unlawful purposes, unregistered agents engaged in spying, etc)?

Did she know that there was a fundamental deception, ongoing? Can she be trusted – as a private citizen?

Did she know of the illegal activities, as a government official?

Can she be trusted (by the world) in a world post-American spying, in a new official position?

One should remember that its generally the CIA, not the NSA, that does the spying from US embassies. The typical embassy staffer does not even know of the activity, nor does she know which staffers are CIA or which staffers listed as not-CIA are, infact, on cover CIA or CIA-linked missions.

Hilary can perhaps claim she didn’t know. But, to do so eliminates her from the US-trust – as a presidential candidate. She cannot be part of the elite club of politicians (if she takes the world view, v vs a parochial US view on supying). If she says she was responsible and accountable, then to do so eliminates her from the rest-of-the-world trust – which will make her a useless candidate (for Americans).

Poof Hilary. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either lie and either position cast her as untrustworthy.


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