attacks on (US) press by the UK’s prime ministerial “government”

We can assume that the spy establishment is coordinating, currently, to address public perception, and lobby for their contractors. After all, one or more to-be-ex govt official’s major money-making position in a (post-government-career) senior contractor directorship is at stake! Lets NOT forget must how the oh-so squeaky clean govt types make their fortunes. Put it this way, from experience, it aint that squeaky clean. All it needs is a normal amount of publicity to deny quite a few parties their million dollar “pension plan”.

We can assume that the latest round of press attacks are coordinated, between UK and US. While for now the UK is to be the attack dog (playing the role NSA pay for) lets not forget that the full-power Rottweiler attack will not come from from UK but from the Aussies. Its their role in the “5-eyes partnership” to sink  the teeth in. Remember, each has a role to play (with the US providing technology and cover in the “us territory” listening stations, known as embassies).

WE are seeing the end of “prime ministerial government – that wartime continuance of Churchillian state-of-emergency powers that permitted one person (him) to have access to information on everything (while others had at most a snippet). Since 1945, every “prime minister” has reveled in having the same access, which starts with comprehensive spying on each and every other UK politician. This “is” the prime ministers job – to be able to do politics by “splendid and magnificent, and almost regal, mechanism” only befits “the very best of politicians” and their honed political skills – which is actually due to spying, not de to personal skill.

For the US, the UK is there now to “LEAD” the attack on the press – since the US cannot do it directly.

But, now go find out. Go find out the “coordination” between UK/US on current events. For therein you will find “complicity”- to have the UK do what the US cannot do. But remember, that’s what the UK is being paid off to do!


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