NSA, IETF and limiting SSL’reach into the data center. American IETF cheating, slavery, racism

The big scandal about NSA?GCHQ technique of the moment concerns the tapping of the physical plant linking data centers, considered to be one of the innermost rings of security, as defended in depth already.

Of course, who was the biggest proponent of defense in depth by corporate America? NSA!

One might remember when the issue of “how far should SSL reach, behind the firewall” was debated in IETF. Strangely, IETF never quite found the mean to address the issue (wonder why, IESG!!?)

The topic discussed was that in a world of load balancers, responsible for offloading SSL work from the pool of resource servers doing pooled work, one might extend the handshake between the front-of-firewall parties to include the behind the scenes parties (the resource servers). And, one would want to tune up this extended-SSL handshake in order that the load on the firewall/resource servers would be minimized, while clearly creating an end-end crypto path. If nothing else, the extended-rypto should detect “spoofing” of the handoffs (which is probably more useful than the end-end encryption using American-grade ciphers).

Of course, this is possible. But strangely, the politics layer of IETF intervened – and “somehow” the topic never got addressed.

I’ve long known that IETF is an untrustworthy  but exceptional American standards institution, stacked with Americans, often with distinguished links to funding agencies that have, a, how-we-non-exceptionals say? a wee bias (and slaving tendency).

Don’t trust IETF on security. Its untrustworthy as America, on crypto. Do trust IETF to do a superb job by the way (of making feel-good security specs, that actually do interwork). But, because of the way the PEOPLE have greater loyalty to the USA than to the people who conform the organization, assume that the politics system is rigged – so exceptionalism strangely always accrues to the US!

I think this is known, in England, as cheating!

its also lying, since the exceptionalism is not due to human talent (but simple rigging of political systems, Russian style).

Yes America, in the world of those enslaved, you are exceptional. Congratulations on the label. You deserve it if for nothing else, on how you treated millions of your own voters – those of the only worth 2/3 of a vote kind.


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