merkel and stasi

When Merkel describes the “Threat” of the Stasi (today) she refers to what its like to be on the end of such as this guy:


What did he do? he intimidated, passively (while being correct). He will now “be correct” with me (since there is “now information” that there COULD be a crime.) Anything is “information” – and all he needs is “to notice” you  for there  to have “been information”.

This is the stasi-effect that folks fear (of NSA programs). They know that it will trickle down (to this guy) – who will now intimidate, in the same sense as the stasi. HE doesn’t even know he is heading in that direction (so full of correctness, is he).

Is he there? No. Will be be? (given a chance for the fear-intimidation apparatus  to grow)? Yes.

Why? it has nothing to do with him, or his training, or his department. It has everything to do with human nature. He is actually a leader, and will do very well for himself in the stasi-state.


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