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So I don’t agree the philosophy behind the bleating about UK actions against Miranda – which were pro forma. Yes you can whine a bit ()it must be scary…), but they *were* only pro forma proceedings.

It seems entirely appropriate that he was stopped, and the electronics searched, confiscated etc. That he was subject to a bit of Guantanamo-style harassment for 7 hours is just a reality in this world, dominated by US authoritarianism against any and all (7 billion) foreigners (projected by the UK authorities too, now they have learned to do the Texas strut).

In a truly exceptional case like this, with a limited time window to act, folks used the instruments available to them – obviously intending them to be pro forma. Its an exception….! and there just *were* no better rules to invoke (other than the shitty ones).

The whining that this one case now means journalism can be cast as terrorism against the UK (in non pro-forma proceedings, without a urgency and without limited time windows) is baloney. This is not evidence that the stasi-state is up and running.

One can argue that the stasi-state is WELL INTO THE MAKING (which is fine). And, yes, to make such arguments as not any act of terrorism – just because one seeks to pressure a government (the UK). The moment that pressure tactics of lawyers and journalists (doing actual pleadings or writings) become so characterized or treated as such (in non urgent cases), then yes, we do have evidence of the stasi-state. Yes, the UK is well on the way to a Pinochet type logic – particularly as, like Pinochet, it lashes out at the entire “class” of enemies.

But, we are not there. Of course the local airport police are supposed to act on the intel given to them, and go get the UK secret files (or interrogate for more intel). Its if not actual espionage, it certainly has al the appearances of espionage activity – and thus one is in “urgent” rules behavior mode (given the limited time window).

This just reminds me of the UK invoking terrorism powers against Iceland, during the financial crisis. Nothing more.

Too much journalist over-bleating spoils the case. the UK is not the US ; its not an endless whining and bleating culture, unlike the US. Folks don’t get to bleat on about their nominal rights, and all the injustices, for ever and a day. You want to do that… go live in the US (like me); and become another victim who whines and bleats constantly. That’s how the US democracy works… Its not how the UK works.

Now I can whine about how the UK works, and do so here, in rants. But, since I really don’t live there, folks are really QUITE entitled to totally ignore me (since I’m not “participating” in the strange UK ways of doing UK politics). yes, that UK way is rather nasty, and backwards (things don’t seem to have changed much from the Tower days, once the gloves come off and the cameras are turned away). But, that’s just part of the tradeoffs the UK uses, only invoking such once one has passed a threshold of tolerance that is WAY higher than the US equivalent!


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