Sir john of Gaunt


OK sir john. I’m your new voice coach, with special training in dramatic effect.

Lets practice the sound bites, and the delivery again. Its your big day next week. This is you moment; and what you went to Eton for. On this kind of performance, empires rise and fall. We know you wont fail us, your class. Oh, it wasn’t Eton. Well shame on me. I take it your son is going now, though?

ok that’s good! But do emphasize the L in lapping, more, and put more emphasis using rise and fall in cadence around the Al Q. Make sure you look up, too, to the camera. You’re an actor, as much as a administrator. It is TV, sir john; and we don’t want to remind folks of Nixon, do we?. Try not to even think of the King of Arabia using the same terms you called Abdul, his fourth cousin removed, back at school. that inner contempt *will* show; so keep it “positive” Sir John. But, don’t look like an American monkey – with that correctness attitude and bearing that just spells deceit!

Ok. Good. your performance skills are set. The final storyline will be in by 0700 tomorrow, from Washington. It won’t change much from that you just practiced; and what you saw the General and the American Czar use in their performance last week (using the training from my counterparts). We may just ask you to reflect an opinion poll or two, garnered overnight, asking you perhaps to stutter more than usual (since its England), or noisily delay a breath out, or look more gaunt and pensive – all for TV effect.

See you at the pre-meeting briefing, Sir John.


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