Turing and chemistry, Peter and electronics

Turing as a kid, while being precocious at math and the math arguments found in modern physics of the day, was playing mostly with Chemistry. And we see perhaps what toy he had…to play with.



One biography tells the story of him getting to groups with the “models of “ chemistry (that dealt with classes of structures rather more elaborate than those found in the physics of the day). And, furthermore, building math models of the same “chemistry models:”.

I didn’t do anything quite so elaborate in my days as a kid. But, at 12 I did get to play perhaps with the equivalent of the chemistry set above – in the form of an electronics teaching component kit. The components were mounted on plastic mounts with bolts, and one screwed in the bolds to the back to a circuit board pre-layed out for the various circuits in what was my “purple book”.

The 4 chapters at the back were the hardest. They showed how to use the 2-transistor circuits as logic gates. This was “much harder” an application to grasp that the other circuits than picked up radio signals, flashed a bulb, or, otherwise, just didn’t work.


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