G20 policy on spying on the internet

I’ve said before that the whole Snowden episode is a cover to “release” the story of how the future is going to be. That is, it’s a ruse to make public the policy. And what better way… than the make it all into a spying scandal, etc, full of wall to wall coverage, about “public issues”.

Folks are clearly of the opinion that they cannot compete with China, once it reaches parity (quite quickly, now, with the ”intellectual” output of US and European combined). Add, as we all want, another 200 million educated humans to the competition in the next 20 years, of course China wins (as it should , since intellectual output is largely a function of population size – once the education, opportunity and technology bar is removed …which keeps people in peasant status). For my part, I see no problem in such a world realignment. If I have to learn mandarin to study advanced computer science in the year 2023, so be it. I don’t find myself beset by American racism or xenophobia (as revealed in the hearts of the typical American, once they “write online” what they traditionally mask in person, but which they are REALLY brought up to be thinking).

So, folks have realized that a democratic internet requires over spying (vs covert spying). The folks who would NEVER EVER buy such a transition are.. of course, the British. So, they have to be seen to be being brute-forced into the new world order (by making their covert “contribution” to the world of systemic covert technologies rather “apparent”, forcing the transition to a world now of the rather-similar, but now overt systemic surveillance.)

This would explain why the UK is not actually stopping any of the publications – which it can easily do. It is merely playing its role, in the charade, pretending to be “apoplectic”.


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