aging cryptome, laptops and me

20 years of laptop use have left their mark – on my posture. So it was with some trepidation that I gave up on the traditional remedies for back pain used by many a desk/computer worker and took up tablets. After the miserable experience of using windows 8 on laptops and mice – something which made me doubt microsoft had a future – I am pleastantly connected with my portable surface pro 2 device. Furthermore, my belief in microsoft (and steve ballmer) is re-affirmed – since they have successful “made the transition – for the sake of my back, if nothing else.

Im learning to only occasionally use keyboards, which means Im learning just how ones thumbs work – and how the windows 8.1 interface really is supposed to work (once you dump the mouse). I’m also learning how really exploit the touch interface, of what is a PC (and not just some google/amazon media tablet).

Desktop tools like the one Im using are starting to feel strange and awfully untabletty– which is a strange thing to be saying as only 4 months ago I could not fathom just what the tablet mode of windows was supposed to be doing for me – apart from confuse me which version of IE was running. Now things are different – now I’ve groked how the touch model is really supposed to work.

Sites like Cryptome are old fashioned, not only in the sense that have minimal layout – but because they assume non-touch design. On a tablet, its hard to use, having a layout that assumes a mouse rather than thumbs and pudgy finger tips.



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