wi spy


sign of the times. I immediately read the headline as spying on wifi:



Perhaps it was a dream, in which Microsoft was advertizing how much better is the american-class wifi spying of its partners on everyone … than is a similar spying on everyone of its yet more quintessential American Apple rival.

Exceptionalism at its best – spying, snooping, and systematically lying about the goal (which is to spy on everyone as the new norm). Only then can the exceptionals keep their self-assigned title (by rigging the game against all the new contenders recently educated in India and China so one can win, if Indian 4/5 or Chinese at most 2/3 of the available points).

Not as if it has not happened before, in the recent history of the “exceptional nation”.

We really must look at the Cameron-class politician much as were his earlier ilk in the 1800s, who really had no problem with the concept of slavery (of others); and saw no reason to apologise even upon its abolition. Now, he and his OECD mates are just rigging the practices of internet-slavery, as their contribution to humanity. It wont be long before we see the internet as a giant whip, famously made in England.

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