an imagined GCHQ quantum cryptanalysis machine

Assume one takes an electron through the charge-field known as a nucleus. What does this mean cryptographically?

Well, the interaction with the nucleus will attempt to force the electron’s nature to anti-align with the present material. Its difference from the equilibrium (and 1/n distribution) will be excised, upon “assimilation”.

However, in the quantum world, unlike classical world, there is a small correction due to quantum uncertainty – which handles the non-commutability.

It “strikes” me that a GCHQ will have such colliders for cryptanalysis, using detectors tuned into how such corrections evolve, during the anti-alignment process. One is measuring the “adjustments” to the correcting factor during the process of anti-alignment – which will be a characteristic that gives one a bias factor in favor of one bit value or another, when key breaking.

Classical computing will then use such corrective-curves, one per key bit, to build up a diagonalized matrix, in the “corrective-basis”. This can then be converged to find minimums, etc.


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