padic defining connectedness and compact set accumulation points–high bullshit alert

at minute 13.24 we see how susskinds application of padics to future and past branchings can also be related to Turings notion of connectedness.



If we view A as a quantum mechanic’s style hermitian operator and we  view the expression form as the powers/numbers of generators (e.g. I and J) used to walk the multiple wheels’ wirings when moving from start to end state (when described from the middle), then we can see that if those 2 portions of the path are labelled as padics (positive for the future and negative powers for the past) then we have an operator A that can test for connected-path (that A != 0)

This would give us a calculation for Phi, in a concrete representation.

For the first time, we have a function that can actually justify giving us a probability of 0 in those paths that are not a sequence of generators.

Remember, for Turing either of the generators ( I or j) can be recast as that generator to the mth power  – giving 1 – which is then the value of x, above. If the current path label (as a padic) can be conjugated then till one lands on the rod attached to the unit element of the group, then one has a algebraic way of stating connectedness. One can, on a spider, do some forward searching m rounds (testing closure).


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