the UK surveillance state

The irrelevant fixes announced for the UK/UK systemic surveillance for humanity have at their root a false presumption: that the exceptional have certain inalienable rights that other humans beings don’t have. They do because they can; and so does the UK. But the UK only get to continue its role as a US poodle (since UK folks are not inherently exceptional, by definition). ‘

Good dog!

So now NSA is not a special presidential power, becoming of a King. Its to be “no longer” a requirement that access to the spying data on you be based upon a “terrorist”  standard of suspicion . Now, its just the average standard used by any traffic cop, stopping you for speeding at 31mph . When wanting to confirm his “dodgy” traffic radar guns data, he has all he needs to establish the standard of  “probable cause”, already quite sufficient to ring up the FBI and invoke the “for criminal purposes” use of the NSA spying database. He can go ask FBI, to ask NSA, to ask IBM and Dell, to ask Verizon to have the drivers phone’s GSM tracking data given to him – that sent to NSA by the spying module in the cell phone for the 15 minutes before the traffic stop. The idea is that the phone will incriminate (not the speeding gun).

So this is Obamas tradeoff. No longer will NSA will be a spying agency. Rather , the whole program now become a police program – in order that the King’s perogative to spy on all politicians (lest they diminish the appearance of exceptionalism) can continue, to now be delivered via policing laws … rather than secret spying laws.

So what are the new secrets created in formulating said policy?

They are are the program to make spying a general policing program have been speeded up. That is, the old secret got modified.


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