US spying on Geneva II talks. Will it happen?

I wonder what precautions the UN (and others) are taking against what has to be PRESUMED spying by the US on others attending the process?

Is the UN in denial that (a) its likely to happen on the basis of past history, (b) that “they would if they could” and “they have the means”, and (c) that the US has a biased agenda?

What we need is a good local spy hunt, that GOES LOOKING for the technical evidence of intensely local spying. What we need is those who find it to be play the double cover game, spiking the Americans beliefs – learned through spying rather than negotiation – with false positions – that one can then observe being played out. All in all, one can note how little good faith is on display (if folks are spying), which speaks to bad faith and hidden agendas.

Lets see if their compulsion to spy “defeats” the objectives, by creating a failure-inducing environment and process of mistrust. Remember spying is local. For every satellite doing global observation there are simpler attacks on your computer, etc, designed to penetrate the “current moment”.

Assume your clothes are  implanted with RFIDs, etc, as you arrive. Of course assume the room is bugged. Assume any handshake is leaving a chemical marker, etc etc. Assume EVERY act is hostile.

Remember they are “exceptional” So treat them with all due deference; and above all point out how little happens when folks can provide no credible assurance that they are not spying.


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