fascinating old fashioned view of “security” – JJQ

http://cryptome.org/2014/02/quisquater-comments.htm shows an argument based around prevent access to information (on PCs, or company trade secrets in safes). Since the “laptop attacked” had little viability as a vector to such data, things are “secure”.

No. What GCHQ (in particular) want is the NETWORK of JJQ. Who is he interacting with? … so that the TARGETING LIST of GCHQ can be expanded, to better cover the parts of the haystack likely to contain the “good stuff”. The good stuff MAY WELL be on the computers of others (not JJQ), and HE IS THE VECTOR (not the computer). The computer is merely the insertion point for the spying sensor.

When wont folks get the paradigm shift?

Why is this older crowd still complicit in denying and covering up what they WELL know – that even 1940s cryptanalysis was as much a about penetrating the cryptonet (of operators) as it was doing technical analysis against some machine. The modern “enigma” operator is a) the system admin, and the modern “officer” command the enigma signals clerk is “anyone” of interest (including obvious senior “signals” officers, such as JJQ.

Interesting to see just how deep the deception and indoctrination goes, even deep into academia. Of course, these are the folks most on the line for taking a bribe (known as “command funding” – a “social adeptness” that defines whether one will get such as a “professor”-ship).


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