battle of the wifi net names–quantum source of randomness (give or take a bit of unshielded electronics)

The (old) empire strikes back in the battle of the “humerous” wifi net names broacast publicly, giving me a “hint”. Presumably the death squads follow.


I suppose its just possible, amongst 8 billion humans, there is another that likes Fozzie Bear. But, it seems unlikely that it would be occurring within 20 feet of the only other one on the planet…

Now what could have really ANNOYED THEM, today?

Let’s guess it was the interview with the folks showcasing their quantum apparatus for random key stream generation. This is a $50kish box, about 6” by 4” by 2” that fits inside a KMIP-complying data center unit that turns the generator into a CSP.

Had a long chat with a CTO type, who was very patient with stories that I used to do root key generation with a NSA random number generator and the (well planned) ceremony was espied upon by a sigint trailer  in the next door parking lot. He well tolerated discussion of how one inserts a stain into a bit stream. He seemed unfazed by the discussion that his wonderful generator based on a beam splitter and its 2 photo diodes was sitting amidst lots of classical electronics, upon which it depends for its (crypto) function when performing the sampling and conditioning of and mixing of the quantum noise of the ground state vacuum state induced by the physics.


What he perhaps did not know was the following story. On my arrival in the USA, I too worked at Moffett Field. It was not clear I’d (ever) be a given a badge to go and work on site, at NASA Ames. Folks has done some contingency planning to have me work out of an office on Akron Road. One should remember “just what NASA did” at Moffett re internet security. Some nice “NSA green” buildings onsite…


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