is the typical UK hotel chain wifi subverted (ie spying on its guests)?


2014-0286.pdf cryptome collection


so lets assume that some oldboy military network, founded at the concierge and the bell boys/girls, is a snooping point for GCHQ, keeping their eyes and ears on whomsoever the “old boys” wish to collect dirt on.


Its not surprising that the concierge etc should be viewed as a adjunct to the security detail of the hotel chain. And it seems proper. But are they now snooping, too?

Are their rooms with bugs already planted, with video cameras in the walls, already prepped .. and just waiting for the “hint” that induces the receptionist to assign you THAT room?

I always assumed so, and for a while have denied the first few rooms offered. I generally make my name know to the concierge fun, and then be heard to “clearly” reject the room. You can watch the reactions, as folks get worried that their conspiracy is not working. Whilst/ he hotel clerk doesn’t typically know why certain rooms get selected for certain guests, eyes and ears on the ground do (and it’s the concierge staff… hint!). They get awfully flustered if they are about to be outed.


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