AAD powered iphone app from azure mobile website, using xcode to build and deploy an app on a mac-hosted simulator

Managed to locate a modernish mac and install xcode, and all its various components – including the latest simulators. Even managed to somehow figure how to use the awful MAC UI.

As one would expect by now, launching the app (on what is here an ipad 7.1 simulator) shows the Microsoft Online-related organizational id discovery UI – which has some interesting Apple-specific UI behaviours!


Then we see our own IDP’s screen presented, with some interesting apple-specific behaviors concerning focus and screen location:


A gotcha on the IDP screen caught us for 10 m (the windows keyboard connected to the MAC, that presents events to the simulator could not present the $ key). SO, use the onscreen keyboard (or an apple hardware keyboard).


Without presenting any confirmation or feedback that login worked (unlike the others app UI concepts we have seen, so far) we see the API working.


The objective-C didn’t look too bad when managed by a modern IDE (particularly as I have not used objective-C since 1989, on a Sun 3 workstation, when it was a pre-processor for a C compiler!).

The API keyword to induce use of the Azure AD , rather than facebook, was “aad”.


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