electromagnetic attack on improbability calculations

Interesting that minutes after I posted that last memo, the home internet goes down (at the modem to the cable company). And, 2 vehicles speed off (from the surveillance point).

Looking at the modem and how its lights flash (and knowing enough about how high speed modems sync and negotiate), I see that the attack on the connectivity is physical. It’s a local interdiction (versus tap/block at the cable companies router).

Some really non-math-exceptional exceptionals sitting in the cold all night on covert physical surveillance duty must be getting worried at what they see on their screens – probably because they are unable to distinguish my drivel from real crypto!

Now, that doesn’t really make any sense – since they have to know I have the cell tower as internet connectivity too. And, they had several minutes to be seeing me as  I typed it – to be interdicting before it got posted.

But stranger things have happened in the last few months; and coincidences DO add up (crypto hint!). It was fun opening months of mail today, and seeing the techniques for re-sealing it all. Its more obvious when one sees a hundred re-sealed envelopes than if one encounters any one a day, one at a time.

Getting nastier.


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