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After the success making a webapp apply a “connected service”, we turned to the sample for a windows store app. One makes (necessarily) a non-empty store app, first, using the visual studio 2013 wizards – as normal. Then, assuming one has added the relevant extensions for the the beta office 365 APIs, one adds a connected service. And, its the office365 connected services, obviously!

Add a split-UI app (say), and make it compile and run.

Then, add the connected service , choosing ALL the permissions for Exchange. Wait while code and DLLs are added to your code project.

To invoke the sample XAML activity-page, swap out in App.config the reference to the mainframe of the split app window and now cite the class of the new ExchangeSamlPage.


Screenshot (28)


Thee are some rough spots in the code, still. But, lets logon first using the “connected” service UI of store apps.



Screenshot (29)

Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (31)

Screenshot (32)


Note that we have the “google-style consent process now (which I think will be a passing fad, since consumers don’t get it – and folks now know FrancoAngloAmerican privacy policies are worse than useless (they are actively deceptive, when it comes to systemic surveillance).

Screenshot (33)image


I personally could not make signout work, and so yes! there are really some rough edges for sure I what is preliminary capability. But obviously the core is there!

When we have a look at what visual studio did (initially, and even I altered the desired permissions) in the azure SP record, we see:

Screenshot (34)


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