Brandon Werners Build demo–a rebuild

We got some ways to repeating the build trial showcased in the Sharepoint Hour session.

We can invoke the share point site, and its local IIS express app, tied to our certified domain. The user is a the azure/office site “master” administrator (Think local admin on a non-Domain PC box).

Screenshot (83)

We can even get a token:


But an security exception is thrown – user not authorized, in summary. If we  run the app a second time, now using as the name of the owner of the site – trying to get around the issue – we get


The very first time, when we used from our certified domain, as the owner, we got a “cannot create – user not authorized” exception. Evidently, the two facts don’t align

We do see our site though!


I don’t see any NEW app definition in the azure AD tenant – though the flow MAY be handled by the sharepoint online app already provisioned.



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