urr ! one bearer is not another man’s bearer (according to openid connect); but an NSA implant is!

So openid connect related folk have always done a really poor job of motivating and then explaining openid connect. The secret reason is … that is all part of the big NSA plot. Which is kinda a non starter marketing wise – since it puts vendors into the “complicit by default” posture.

This is all while denying all and everything about lots of “secret” openid/US government meetings, especially those that “engineered” certain features of azure that just happens to send your log files to NSA!  Or, as now know, happen to make them “available” to the submarine tap (between Italia and Sicilia) ; so we can deny the above as a LITERAL truth.

So, we dissemble; as normal. We don’t send, but that doesn’t mean they don’t RECEIVE!

Or as Americans put it, typically: we are exceptional! in having the political structures that allow for such double talk.

Now consider  what you get when you getta outta the disassembla to decoda this:



You can talk to ws-federation to getta a tokena. Or you can talk to oauth2, to, urr, get a token. Note the major difference in spelling and semaantics (the extra a).

did you get the pun? (a tapped cable is often know as a “bearer” – of phone/data calls).

There is no pun about the a – and there IS no difference in semantics. The a device exists merely a literary device to point out how nothing changed in the topic area about bearer tokens  (despite folks from latin countries (france, spain, italy, romania…) adding adding a sounds to english stem words, having been brought up with that sound pattern).

I know when I went the other way, learning Spanish in total immersion, folks were just stunned how Id Anglicize sounds… much like latins add a to everything.


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