visual studio 2013 github integration

our Adobe build service for phonegap/cordova apps encourages us to have a public repository of the apps source.


So, we create a JavaScript (not typescript) cordova app, using the latest Microsoft tools. We create the app with the add to source control option, of course. On the team manager


we have to bind our local repository, now filled with code, to an empty github repository – which we make using obvious tools on the github website.

It’s at

Note how temptations to use visual studio online etc., or team projects, must all be resisted. None of its needed. We simply have a local repository and wish to sync it – which we do back in the solution view as part of the commit (and sync) process.


The visual studio integration with github is not as nice as that of adobe, since we have to sign in with credentials to the github service (on syncing).


Quite what the clone to desktop feature of github does I don’t know – and lets not find out!

So, back on the adove site, we signin and provide our URI of the “repo” (sounding like a hipster).



…which is admittedly very nicely done.

using the ready to build option, we see what may be a progress bar background (I think).

Do something shifty and fiddly, we somehow get





So now what!


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