NativeClient IOS; ADAL, Xcode; git configuration, xcode project linking; commenting out code that doesn’t work… is a project for xcode, on a MAC. It cooperates with a “framework” project, that provides an AzureAD client library. To make it build there are several things to do (not disclosed).

First, using the git install on the OSX, now configure it to have an ssh key. Then add  the key to your github account (which you must obviously make).

But first you want to make sure you cd into your .ssh directory. Open up the terminal and run cd ~/.ssh && ssh-keygen

next you need to copy this to your clipboard. On OSX run: cat | pbcopy

Add your key to your account via the website.  Paste the value into the github screen for pubkeys, hanging off the user account and user profiles screens.

Now you can use the git commands given in the IOS native client instructions, leaving 2 directories on the Desktop (in my case.) One is the ios app building project; the other the client adal library (for IOS).

In Xcode, open the IOS client WORKSPACE (not project). Delete the project reference shown to the adal “framework” (its probably shown red). We will add it back, pointing now to the other git repository AND POINTING specifically at the project file.

Now, find the general tab of the Microsoft project and locate the configuration area for libraries and frameworks. Delete the reference  in red – to a missing library. Add a new library, which should show “up in the workspace”.

You can now build the microsoft app project, which will also build the library – sorting references to link loading locations and headers files, similarly. I had to comment out one method call, in one app file – since it didn’t resolve against the library API.

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