ADAL library with android (mono-based) APP. Thanks to Xamarin!

Let’s create a binding library for ADAL (for android) and a xamarin sample project for android that links that set of java classes to the mono dot runtime underlying the android app.

Using visual studio, we create an android binding library.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.00.57 PM

We follow the instructions (that are as bad as ive seen in a long time).

We used the team menu options to download the github repository to our filesystem. We then use file explorer to copy the directories onto (and over) those in the binding projects directory.


We then “add files” back in visual studio, specifically for a zip file and 2 jar files.  Though samples/ is copied, we “exclude” it from the bindings project.


We now build the project, giving us (in our naming scheme a bindings dll – seen in the bin/ directory.

Next, we add an existing (sample) project to the solution:


We delete the unknown reference and simply refer to our solution’s DLL, using our  name:

Now, we add to the Android SDK the API level 18 support, so we can both build and deploy the sample project.






on a kindle to which the visual studio IDE download the app, we see



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