using xamarin studio (on MacOS) to build andoid apps (with mono ADAL)

Using the Google tools for making an android app were too hard – for me. So lets see how Xamarin do, when running on MacOS, to build an ADAL-enabled android app. While today we will use Xamarin.Android (that leverages mono version of dotnet to get us the ADAL library) one has to expect that Microsoft will make Xamarin a preferred partner for the too chain that is a-coming – that gives us cross-platform HTMl/javascript-based ADAL, via the likes of the cordova platform.

So, will we have to learn about maven, maven updates for the IDE, plugins to maven that configure the android library dependences; and bash profiles? I hope not!

So rather than build the native Android projects, lets try out While it probably uses the same jar library that we hand-build yesterday, lets hope we see a decently delivered IDE project already to allow one to focus on app-building (rather than tool chain fiddling).


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