xamarin ios azure mobile project with windowsactivedirectory

I did make an iphone show a windows AD login screen, based on the code for an azure mobile site (augmented with xamarin specific authentication logic).

There were a few gotchas – starting from completed example project

Obviously, in the constants file you put your own azure mobile project’s values (domain name and app secret).

Then you must remove the reference to mobile projects. in the components windows select the object and it will show a screen inviting you to update the project. Do so (so one gets a later version of the mobile SDK).

Then delete the newtonsoft reference and use nuget to get the latest version.

FINALLY, update the plist file to give it values for the first two elements.


You can then change the microsoftaccount to windowsactivedirectory in the code:


I ended up with




So, finally we got a visual studio built, dot-net based, office365 logon augmented with our realty challenge to an iphone app (which was the goal!).


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