windows phone 8.1, AAD, and IDPS with “less than expected form” HTML/javascript

We amended the azure mobile site test runner for “windows 8.1 phone” to add an AAD option.

The result was what we have seen elsewhere – when using our own IDP as the challenge site


If we recall, we were able to fix this by amended the html/javascript on the IDP site to have only certain forms – not that this is a real fix. It requires something like having the right HTML header AND only referencing javascript from certain sources. i.e. sandboxing ideas…

The underlying problem is that our server code  does not recognize the IE11 (windows phone variant) header and doesn’t output stuff in the form the phone expects. Since the phone is not officially released, there are no ASP.NET packages to make those server updates…for the many IE11 user agent string variants.


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