cryptanalytical mechanisms not based on silicon; Turing light cones




The case for a detector (for very tiny discriminants, from differential trails) NOT being based in silicon chips but being based in nuclear knowhow is STRONG.

The case for a cryptanalytical search engine, working at an accuracy of 10 points per zillion is yet stronger when one looks at the PREDECESSOR technology of super-K. Though one does see, with super-K, a clear relationship with Turing’s interest in certain light cones and projective geometry theorems (from the pure math taught up to 1945) seeing as they relate to known American methods for radiation/crypto detection based on photodiodes – that all harkens back also to very early counters used at GCCS (before electronic computers were applied).

So do NSA and GCCS ( and France, and Russia.. etc) all have cryptanlaytical “detectors” based on huge vats of cadmium chloride, argon production, and counters of radioactive argon? Or are things more like super-K?

Assuming Turing the chemist (vs Turing the mathematician) had figured out the theoretical basis of the next generation of cryptanalytical search engine , one can see why the Americans would – being exceptional types – arrange for his early death, once he had been hounded by the UK and become an uncontrollable risk (as he reacted to the hounding by become every more alienated and “likely to seek foreign friends”).


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