GCHQ manipulating wordpress site statistics

I’ve half-expected GCHQ to have been manipulating my wordpress site’s apparent statistics for a couple of years now (as I drivel on half-assed – but pointedly so – about crypto). Looking at the stats each day, there were just too many patterns about which articles garnered interest. It was LIKE someone was trying to engage in 1930-style impression management- but ended up looking like (and having the negative association of) Dr. Goebels.


I would not be in the least surprised to find that my site strangely partly visible otherwise “disadvantaged” , outside the US. At the same time, I have to say: WHY would one go to the trouble (since its mostly drivel)?

The point is that those who can, do. They feel entitled. The American version even feels exceptional (furthermore). Between them, they get the “masters of the universe” complex.  the information war (against any dissent) has to perpetuate – to keep the spooky fix’s high coursing through the veins of the indoctrinated.

It’s a social disease; and one that spread quickly to product managers of crypto-stuff in the cloud vendor community.

in my case, folks just want to “put me in my place” (some lower than low, english class, in that social  system that doesn’t exist…).


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