wordpress and SSO culture; letting google eliminate Trulia

It’s been a while since I analyzed wordpress.com – looking at how it has taken up or set a trend.



we see that the MISSION of a google enabling SSO to the site is so that it can sell linking services – indirectly. Google wishes to be in the enforcement bisiness – selling visibility of your linking circles. To this end, it wants you (and your wordpress site) to have API credentials back on the IDP ‘’s ports, so that your (or your site) can exploit the linking APIs to publish references.

it is interesting to see JUSTS HOW EFFECTIVELY wordpress were able to showcase the real driver behind oauth (for websites). Whereas Microsoft Graph API concept is very much about personalizing a site, for Google the equivalent service is all about outsourcing lead generation, where each circle is a targeted marketing group for corporations.

At the same time, Google, I totally get it. I could easily sell this concept to realtors (as one example of a lead-generation based industry). Google could then easily attack Trulia with this.

So, if I want to defeat Trulia and its attack on the establishment MLS world, perhaps all I have to do is release the Google Krakon, letting realtors individually use their google circles to do the same lead marketing that Trulia wants to outsource. Rather than give Google streams of MLS listings, we just grant API access…

Then amplify the attack, by allowing linked in to do the same… enabling of them to showcase how little Trulia is doing (that folks cannot get for free).


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